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Bus drivers transport people to their destination. Whether a demand response or fixed route bus driver, safety is the primary responsibility in dealing with the public. A bus driver not only operates the bus but also responds to emergency situations. Other tasks may be required, such as completing pre-trips and post-trips, incident/accident paperwork and reports, answering customer’s questions, providing directions, collecting fares, stocking the bus with needed supplies, emptying trash and other tasks as assigned.

Bus drivers can drive small buses of 2 passengers or larger buses up to 40 passengers. They must show courtesy and a polite demeanor to the customers, as well as assist in reporting any emergencies. Depending on the type of job setting a bus driver may work part-time or full-time, weekends/holidays and extra board. SNTC personnel must follow the rules and regulations that have been established by the Department of Transportation concerning working hours and other issues.

Demand response bus drivers must adhere to a manifest to pick up and drop off passengers and must follow the manifest time frame in order to make their stops. Depending on the shift; full-time, part-time, or extra board, a bus driver may have other required duties.

A fixed route bus driver transports passengers between designated bus stops while adhering to an established time schedule and route. The driver opens the doors to allow passengers to exit and enter the bus; he or she collects fares, reports to supervisor any delays and/or accidents, and reports mechanical problems to maintenance personnel.




A bus driver needs to have excellent oral and written communication, customer service, and decision-making skills. They should have the ability to operate efficiently and adhere to a strict timetable and/or manifest.

  • Must possess and maintain a valid Class C Driver\\\'s License for demand response buses under 14 passenger and a Commercial Driver’s License, commonly known as CDL. They might also have to take any employer required seminars or classes, and training. Company training may include local and state traffic regulations, company rules and policy, safety issues, driving training and monitoring for a period of time, how to deal with the public, understanding schedules and other related tasks. A high school Diploma is preferred; however, a clean driver’s record and experience driving will suffice in some cases. They must have people skills as they will encounter many different personalities in their job, and good communication skills are necessary. These skills also include the ability to deal and manage large groups and communicate clear instructions.Other endorsements might be necessary depending on the job setting – passenger. You must be 18 years to drive a bus within state borders and at least 21 years old if you are going to be engaged in interstate commerce. You will have to pass a physical exam every two years or as required by your medical examiner.Licensing and Certification: Must possess and maintain a valid Class C Driver\\\'s License for demand response buses under 14 passengers and a Commercial Driver’s License with Passenger Endorsement, (more commonly known as a CDL license) for buses with 15 and more passengers, must pass a health exam, company training and required certifications, such as first aid and emergency evacuation, special needs training, safety, and any other certificates mandated by the employer.
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GROUP INSURANCE – Health insurance is available at a minimal expense to eligible full-time employees. There is coverage available for spouses and dependents, no employer contribution provided for this coverage. The SNTC pays the monthly life insurance premium for eligible employees. Eligible employees are covered by a Workman’s Compensation Program in accordance with the provisions of the Nevada Industrial Insurance Act (NRS Chapter 616) and the Nevada Occupational Diseases Act (NRS 617). PERSONAL TIME OFF (PTO) – PTO accrual is based at the rate of 6.15 PTO hours for each biweekly pay period for full-time employees and 3.00 PTO hours for part-time employees after the employee successfully passes the 90-day probation period. MISCELLANEOUS LEAVES – Court leave, military leave, parental leave, and leave without pay, (upon approval) for eligible employees.

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Director of Human Resources 
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April 7, 2023
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