Silver Rider Transit System

The Southern Nevada Transit Coalition (SNTC) believes that you deserve the best in transportation service. Quality service is Silver Rider’s top priority. This means Silver Rider Transit buses are reliable, safe, clean, and comfortable. The bus operators are well trained, well-informed, courteous, and each staff member is always polite and helpful.

Silver Rider Transit offers a variety of transportation services. Depending on your location, you can utilize fixed route, paratransit, or express routes. Silver Rider Transit will take you where you want to go, in a timely fashion.

Currently, we provide transportation opportunities in nine communities in southern Nevada: Laughlin, Mesquite, Boulder City, Searchlight, Cal-Nev-Ari, Palm Gardens, Sandy Valley, Goodsprings, and Indian Springs.

Services by Location

South Nevada Transit Coalition maintains three primary sites:

Boulder City


Boulder City Transit

Individual Routes

Sandy Valley Express (Eng)

Indian Springs Express (Eng)

Laughlin Transit

Individual Routes

Fixed Route (Eng) (Spa)

Las Vegas Express (Eng)

Searchlight Exp (Eng)

Mesquite Transit

Individual Routes

Fixed Route 333 (Eng) (Spa)

Fixed Route 444 (Eng) (Spa)

Las Vegas Express (Eng)

Fixed Route Fare Structure

Reduced fare rates are available for persons 6 through 17 years of age, or with a documented disability, or 60 years of age or older. A reduced fare ID must be presented when paying the reduced rate or when using a reduced fare bus pass.

One-Way Fare (Reduced) $1.00
30 Day Reduced Pass $32.50
15 Day Reduced Pass $17.00
One-Way Fare (Full) $2.00
30 Day Full Fare Pass $65.00
15 Day Full Fare Pass $34.00

General Policies

Place your exact fare in the fare box next to the driver. Our drivers cannot make change. Take a seat immediately after entering, fasten your seat belt, and stay seated at all times while the bus is in motion.

When the bus is approaching your destination, you may tell the driver that you wish to get off or ring the chime on the larger buses. Please remain seated until the bus has come to a complete stop. After you exit, stand to the side of the road, or on the sidewalk until the bus has pulled away. For your own personal safety, it is recommended that you do not cross in front of the bus.

Seniors, when riding the fixed route, are considered persons aged 60 and older. To be eligible for the reduced rates a reduced fare identification card is required when boarding. Seniors, 60 and older, who have filled out the client registration forms and turned them into the appropriate office will be issued a reduced identification card. The card must be shown to the driver upon boarding the vehicle along with a picture ID. These cards are non-transferrable.

The Silver Rider Transit bus system does transport unattended children under the age of 16 years. All underage children must be accompanied by a responsible person at least 16 years of age or older. Small children must be removed from strollers and the stroller must be collapsed and secured. For safety reasons, all children capable of setting up on their own, must sit in a seat and not on an adult’s lap and if available a seatbelt must be used.

Silver Rider Transit is not responsible for any items left on the buses. Wallets, purses, backpacks, and medication is given special consideration and an attempt will be made to return. Contact the Silver Rider operations office immediately. All found items will be turned into Silver Rider operations office by the end of the driver’s shift. To check on lost items call Customer Service at (702) 298-4435 in Laughlin, (702) 346-7006 in Mesquite, and (702) 894-4190 in Boulder City.

All eligible individuals have the right to travel on the Silver Rider Transit bus system. We provide transportation with a maximum of personal comfort and safety, without the threat of physical or verbal abuse.


The SNTC has established an Illegal and Disruptive Passenger Behavioral Policy to address the safety and well-being of customers, passengers, and staff of Silver Rider. This policy is in effect in and around vehicles and facilities owned and/or operated by or on behalf of the SNTC/Silver Rider. The SNTC/Silver Rider recognizes that an individual’s disability or medical condition may cause a passenger to unknowingly and/or unintentionally violate the Illegal and Disruptive Behavioral Policy. For this reason, the SNTC/Silver Rider looks at each violation individually.


Silver Rider Transit reserves the right to refuse transportation services to anyone whose conduct is, or has been known to be violent, seriously disruptive, or illegal. If such a passenger would cause disruption or serious impairment to the health, physical comfort, and the safety of others or would otherwise jeopardize safe operations will be asked to discontinue riding.

Eating and drinking are not allowed on the bus. You may bring food or non-alcoholic drinks on the bus if they are in a spill-proof container. Shirts and shoes are required. Fighting, throwing things, pushing, shouting, rough behavior and vulgar language are forbidden.

Service animals are allowed to sit in the person’s lap as long as the individual can control the service animal. No part of the service animal is allowed to come in contact with the seat. If the service animal is too large to set in the person’s lap, the service animal must set on the floor. The service animal must be seated where it does not create a trip hazard. There is no charge for the service animal. All other animals must be in the appropriate animal carrier.

Used gasoline cans,(whether empty or full), car batteries, bicycle (if not in the designated bike rack), skateboard, (unless placed in a bag or container), tires, or any object too large to fit between passenger seats. Radios are only allowed with headphones as long as the sound is not audible to others. Cellular phones are permitted as long as they do not interfere wit the operation of the bus.

No large boxes, TVs desks, tables, etc. Passengers must handle their own packages; the driver is not responsible for loading or unloading packages.

  • Operators must attempt to manually deploy the ramp if the ramp motor is not working.
  • You may position your wheelchair anywhere in the securement area according to the designated vehicle design.
  • Wheelchairs must be secured while you ride, and operators must secure/unsecure your wheelchair.
  • Lap belts will be offered but are not required.
  • You cannot be denied transportation if you do not have S.A.F.E. securement straps. SNTC can provide them. Call (702) 298-4435 for an appointment.
  • The operator will stop and inform you if all securement locations are in use.
  • The operator will ask customers seated in the securement area to move but cannot force them to do so.
  • If your wheelchair cannot be boarded and the next bus will not arrive for more and one hour, the driver will notify you that alternate transportation will be requested to pick you up.
  • Operators will not complain to other riders about boarding passengers with disabilities.
  • Operators will announce transfer points and specific stops each run.


The SNTC/Silver Rider developed these policies consistent with guidance provided in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Guidance Circular FTA C 4710. And the Federal regulations set forth in Part 37 of Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations.


SNTC Customer Service (702) 298-4435.

All vehicles operated by the bus system are 100% ADA accessible. Vehicles meet or exceed ADA requirements. Vehicle operators will assist customers in boarding and deboarding the vehicles as needed. All mobility device such as wheelchairs, scooter, and three-wheel carts must be secured in the vehicle

The Southern Nevada Transit Coalition (SNTC) paratransit service is a shared-ride, door-to-door program available for those who are functionally unable to independently use the SNTC’s fixed-route system either all of the time, temporarily or under certain circumstances.